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Score instant cashback with Boosts from Cash App

Score instant cashback with Boosts from Cash App

Score instant cashback with Boosts from Cash App

Though offers are limited, Boosts can get Cash Card users significant discounts on some everyday spending.


The Cash App Cash Card offers an instant cashback program, Boost, which could save you up to 15% off dining, retail, and other purchases. Check out the available offers and see how you can use Boosts as part of your savings strategy.
If you’re an avid Cash App user looking to add a new tool to your cashback and savings tool kit, Cash App Boosts are worth a look.

Boost is a cashback rewards program available for users of the Cash App Cash Card, and it could help you save as much as 15% on some of your everyday spendings at restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more.

Here we list the current Cash App Boost offers and cover how Boosts work and how to use them to save money. We also break down how this feature compares to other cashback and rewards programs.

What is Boost on Cash App?

Cash App Boosts give Cash App users a chance to earn instant discounts on some of their everyday spending. Boosts are linked to the Cash App Cash Card, a debit card tied to your Cash App account, and may only be used when you pay with the card at eligible restaurants and retailers. Boosts are easy to use, but only one can be activated at a time, and each Boost must be activated before you make your purchase to get the deal.

How do Cash App Boosts work?

Boosts are only available to Cash App Cash Card users. A user must have downloaded the Cash App and be 18 or over to apply for a card. You can customize your Cash Card to show your “Cashtag,” choose your card finish and even add stamps, signatures, or other custom artwork to the card. Once requested, cards should arrive within ten business days.


You can request and customize your Cash Card in just a few steps.

Tip: Since the Cash Card is a debit card, not a credit card, you won’t have to face a hard credit pull when you request one.

Boosts work by giving users instant cashback when they pay for purchases using the Cash Card at select retailers, including grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Trader Joe’s, Xbox, and coffee shops are a few of the favorite deals among users.

However, many Cash Card users don’t know about Boosts since Boosts aren’t turned on automatically (and even more app users don’t know because they don’t have the Cash Card).

Boosts work differently, depending on the deal. Some Boosts take a percentage off the entire purchase, while others take a flat dollar amount off. Some require a minimum purchase, and many have a maximum discount. Boosts may be offered for specific retailers, brands, or broad categories of retailers, like grocery stores or coffee shops.

As the Boost feature has evolved, Cash App has added different functions. Locked Boosts are a relatively new feature and may be accessed only after making a specified number of purchases with the Cash Card.

After you’ve made the required purchases, you will have limited access to the deal. When the Boost gets locked again, you must make the required number of Cash Card purchases to unlock the deal.

While using the Cash Card might be inconvenient for some, others should find these “premium” Boosts with higher discounts worth it, especially if they frequently visit eligible retailers.

Tip: You can easily link your Cash Card to Apple Pay to take advantage of Boosts when you use your mobile wallet.

How to use Boosts

Once you activate your Cash App Cash Card, you’re ready to use Boosts. Here’s how to activate a Boost, step-by-step:
  1. From the Cash App startup screen, tap the Cash Card icon.

  2. Tap the “Save With Boost” button.
    Cash Card home screen
  3. Scroll through the list of available Boosts and tap the one you’d like to activate.
    Cash App Boosts list

  4. Read the Boost’s restrictions, and if you’re ready to activate, tap “Activate Boost.”
    Activating Cash App Boosts
    Activating Cash App Boosts
  5. A logo will show you which Boost is active. Your Boost is automatically applied when you make an eligible purchase with your Cash Card.

Cash App Boost activated successfully.

As noted, only one Boost may be active at a time, but you can change them out as often as you like to enjoy several different deals. When you’re ready for another deal, switch to another Boost.

Tip: You can start adding Boosts as soon as your Cash Card request is approved—no need to wait for the physical card to arrive in the mail.

Current Cash App Boost list

Cash App keeps its list of Boosts relevant by updating it regularly. Indeed, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cash App has swapped out many deals at movie theaters, sit-down restaurants, and coffee shops for more quarantine-friendly options, like home and beauty goods, groceries, home improvement stores, food delivery, and online gaming. Boosts also include a range of price points for different demographics and national as well as local offerings.

Here are the Boosts you can activate today:
  • DoorDash: 10% off (minimum purchase of $2, discount up to $5)
  • Domino’s: 10% off each order (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $5)
  • Dunkin’: 10% off one purchase (minimum purchase of $1.50, discount up to $7.50)
  • Grocery stores (any): 10% off one purchase (minimum purchase of $1.50, discount up to $7.50
  • PlayStation Network: 15% off each purchase (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $5)
  • Shake Shack: 15% off each order (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $7.50)
  • Spirit Halloween: 20% off one purchase (minimum purchase of $2, discount up to $10)
  • USPS: 20% off each purchase (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $7.50)
  • Whataburger: 15% off each purchase (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $7.50)
  • Wendy’s: 10% off each purchase (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $7.50)
  • Xbox: 15% off each purchase (minimum purchase of $1, discount up to $5)

There are limits to using Boosts, however. You cannot use a Boost more than once in one hour. Sometimes Boosts will also specify how often an offer may be used in a time frame, such as once every six hours.

Another downside is that Boosts get retired regularly, so some deals you love won’t be available forever. However, as Boosts are retired, new Boosts appear in their place to keep things fresh. As long as your Boost is activated, the good news is it won’t expire until after you use it, even if it’s already been retired.

Another restriction is that Category Boosts (such as grocery store Boosts) can only be applied to retailers in that category. For example, a grocery store Boost may only be used at a grocery store – and not necessarily any place that sells groceries, like Target or Walmart.

Note that many Boosts, including all Category Boosts, can only be used for in-store purchases using the Cash Card, so be sure to read the fine print beforehand. Boosts also may not be applied to cashback transactions.

Tip: If you’re looking to score discounts at a wider variety of retailers, including online shopping, you may also want to give apps like Cashback Monitor, Rakuten, Honey, and Ibotta a try.

Making the most of Cash App Boosts

Savvy Cash Card users can get the most bang for their buck by only using Boosts for things they already intended to buy – and not for impulsive shopping. A smart strategy is to check the app each day to find the current deals and plan accordingly.

One tip is to look for the Boosts that don’t require a certain number of purchases beforehand. Using the Boosts for weekly grocery shops and other bigger-ticket household items is also a great way to maximize the discounts (though keep any maximum discount in mind before you buy).

One way to have your cake and eat it is to use Boosts and a friend or partner. Each of you can activate a different Boost to take advantage of multiple deals:
  1. Visit a coffee shop with one card, and then hit up a restaurant with another.
  2. Wait an hour and use another deal.
  3. Pay each other back on Cash App (obviously).

Is Cash App Boost worth it?

The Cash App Cash Card, which is needed to use Boost, is relatively easy to sign up for and maybe instantly activated with a scannable QR code. Once activated, you’re ready to turn on Boosts. Unfortunately, you have to select Boosts manually before taking advantage of the deal, unlike other apps or cashback cards that automatically apply deals.

Also, most Boosts have maximum discount limits, and you can only activate one Boost at a time, whereas many cashback cards offer unlimited rewards and other programs offer more flexibility to add multiple offers to your account.

That said, it’s easy to get going once you’ve signed up. You can quickly add Boosts to your Cash Card and start taking advantage of instant discounts at eligible retailers with just a few taps of your device.

Even better, Boost discounts are often more massive than the discounts you would find with other cashback and rewards programs. Whereas most cash back cards only offer around 3% to 5% back, many Boosts offer higher discounts – as much as 10% to 15% off.

Compared to other person-to-person cash apps, like PayPal or Venmo, Cash App’s Boost feature sets it apart.

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