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How to check your credit card balance

How to check your credit card balance

check credit card balance

Checking your credit card balance frequently is a great way to keep your spending in check. Learn the six ways to check your credit card balance and take care of your finances!

Knowing your credit card balance is essential, not only to keep up with payments - or avoid, in some cases, interest charges - but also to reduce the chances of a debt that exceeds your financial limits. By checking your credit card you will be able to evaluate how much impact the last purchase you made had on the Black Friday offers and thus you will know what your spending limit is.

There are many ways to verify credit cards, from phone calls to mobile applications. Choose the one that best suits your pace of life and keep your finances in order.

But what is the credit card balance?

The credit card balance - also known as the credit card balance - is the amount of money you owe to the bank or financial institution issuing the card. This figure varies depending on your expenses and the frequency of your payments.

Every time you use your credit card on a purchase or service payment, the balance increases . The same happens when you make a payment to the card, only in reverse. The balance at the end of the cycle or month - that is, on the billing date - will be decisive for your pocket because it is the amount to which the interest will be applied.

Keeping your balance in check is important because it will give you a good credit history and increase your chances of enjoying higher credit limits.

How do I know how much I owe on my credit card?

The way to verify your credit card will depend on the institution that issued the card . Each bank, store or institution has different verification channels, from email notifications to online profiles where you can know your balance in seconds.

However, there are 6 ways that are -so far- the most common to verify credit cards :

# 1 Request a bank account cut

Or wait for the statement . Some institutions no longer send paper statements to save time and money. Furthermore, by avoiding printing, they are contributing to a clean and pollution-free environment. However, most banks send account statements by email . The disadvantage of this form of verification is that you will have to wait for the cycle to finish in order to verify the balance of the card.

Another option is to go to a banking agency . By doing so, you can request a cut from your credit card. The bank will ask you for your identification document and the card number , and it will print a report without legal validity that you can use to evaluate your expenses.

# 2 Make a phone call

The back of credit cards have a customer service phone number . You can call from any phone and ask for your credit card balance. To do this, you must have your identity document and the physical card at hand. Some banks may even ask you some security questions, such as if you have a checking account associated with the card or if you have a mortgage with the institution.

This security check is done to prevent bank fraud. To continue with the verification, follow the steps indicated by the system. If your credit card has a phone security code , you may be asked at this stage of the process.

# 3 Through online banking

Banks have modernized and now offer an online service so that their customers can make transactions, request credits, pay for services, verify deposits and, of course, check credit cards.

In order to access your accounts online, you will have to create a username and password . If you have already done so, open your browser and enter the bank's web address. Don't Google the name of the bank! Some websites use phishing to cheat.

Be guided by the address on the back of the card or on any account statement. Now log in and look for the credit cards section . In addition to checking the balance, you will be able to see your recent movements and make payments, if you want.

# 4 Activate the notification service

To increase bank security, banks have a notification service via email or SMS . Every time you make a transaction -or at the end of the day- the bank sends you a report with the latest movements and the current balance of current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards .

# 5 Use a mobile app

But not just any application, but the official bank one. Many financial institutions offer applications so that users can access their banking profile in moments . Always download the mobile application from an official store, such as the App Store or Google Play. Log into the application -just as you do online- and you will be able to access a summary of your movements.

# 6 By an ATM or ATM

If your credit card works with a PIN, you can check the balance at an ATM . To do so, enter the credit card, your password and follow the steps of the system. You can choose to print the receipt or see the balance on the screen. Never use an ATM that looks suspicious and don't let anyone see your password. Remember to withdraw the credit card at the end.

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